Invoice Questions

At sometime in the past you have registered for our organization. This may have been done in person at a meeting or online.

We have recently upgraded our invoicing system and all records on file are getting an invoice.

We offer 3 engagement levels:

  1. Newsletter Subscription: It is free to subscribe to our Newsletter
  2. Website Registration: It is free to register on our website to interact with content
  3. Meeting Participation: To attend meetings, which include speakers and refreshments, we require a membership.

An annual membership covers 6 meals and 12 speaker sessions that correspond to 12 CPS's.

If you are interested you can see more details about our Service Relationships.

An annual membership provides access to our meetings; which means that in one membership year you get:

  1. 6 meetings with networking time and heavy hors d'oeuvres,
  2. 12 technical speaking sessions, and
  3. 12 CPE's that we upload to (ISC)2 for you

If you are not interested in a membership, we still welcome you to enjoy the newsletter and website for free.

You may either ignore the invoice or if you can let us know we would prefer to remove you from our billing system.