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Dave Buster
Dave Buster

Dave Buster is an industry veteran with over 35 years experience in designing, building and operating communications systems and making them secure. Dave spent over 13 years with Cisco systems in technology planning, rising to the level of Director of Product Management in the Global Government Solutions Group. While there, he spent several years supporting intelligence agencies and the military with data security architectures. Following his experience in government security, Dave was a security architect for a Smart Grid company, followed by cybersecurity experience in the financial industry at Fidelity. After running the Cybersecurity product line for a large IT training company, Dave transitioned into full-time cybersecurity evangelism, where he speaks about the human side of cybersecurity. In this role, he speaks to both technical and non- technical audiences about the types of attackers, their methods, and how to stop them.

Dave has a B.S. Engineering and M.B.A. from North Carolina State University. He has a patent on satellite communications architecture and also holds both the CompTIA Security+ certification and the (ISC)2 CISSP certifications and. Hobbies include “uneconomical” cryptocurrency mining and other random Raspberry Pi projects. He is an Amateur Radio operator (KK4ELT) and plays trombone and guitar, but sadly, not at the same time.

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